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IMS Screen

The IMS® Controller is the “brain” of the system. The controller receives data from the vehicle through the Controller Area Network (CAN) as well as from the sensors within the Idle Mitigation System®. It processes information on engine revolutions, transmission status, battery voltage, coolant temperature, engine hours, interior and exterior temperature, and hood position. The controller uses this information to decide when the vehicle can be shut down to avoid idle and when it needs to run to meet criteria set either by the program or by the operator’s input.

The screen provides the interface between the operator and the IMS, displays the status of the vehicle, provides climate control, and allows access to additional system options. The screen interface is accessible only when the vehicle is in Park or Neutral, preventing distractions while driving.

Dimensions (inches)3.45” (W) x 1.49” (D) x 3.45” (H)
Weight0.25 lbs / 0.11 kg
Interface TypeSoft Keys (non-touchscreen)
Operating Voltage8-32V
Background IlluminationLED (lifetime ≥ 50.000 h; at 25°C)
Brightness≥ 300 cd/m², typically 350 cd/m² (adjustable 0 to 100%, increments of 1%)
Image Resolution320 x 240 pixels
Display size2.8" Color Display
Aspect Ratio4 : 3
Colors256 (8 bits)
Number of Push Buttons5
Number of Navigation Keys1
Cutout for Panel Mounting3.208” ± 0.02"(W) x 3.208” ± 0.02"(H)
Cutout for Surface Mounting (diameter)2.09" ± 0.02"
Hole for Locating Pins 0.17"(1.30" distance to the centre of the cutout)
Housing MaterialBlack Plastic
Protection RatingIP 67(on the front panel when mounted, otherwise IP 65)
Operating Temperature-4°F to 158°F / -20 to 70°C
Stroage Temperature-22°F to 176°F / -30 to 80°C

Proven Horsepower at ZeroRPM