ZeroRPM is driven by a passion to increase efficiency and reduce vehicle emissions.

ZeroRPM is driven by a passion to increase efficiency and reduce vehicle emissions. ZeroRPM is proud to be the first and only company to offer an Idle Mitigation System that delivers an effective and practical way to eliminate idling while providing auxiliary power and climate control out of the factory vents.

Founded in 2012 through the strong support of Governor Robert Bentley and the Business Incubator program at Wallace State Community College, ZeroRPM has since filed patents covering 9 new inventions and begun exporting environmentally sound products nationwide. Through creative innovation and engineering expertise, ZeroRPM is bridging the gap between foreign oil dependence and a clean energy future with the jobs that will sustain the economy and environment of Alabama.

ZeroRPM exists to provide innovative high quality products that CONSERVE FUEL, REDUCE OPERATING COST, and PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT while IMPROVING OPERATOR COMFORT. ZeroRPM Idle Mitigation Systems cover a broad range of applications including insurance, police, utility, ambulance, SWAT, fire, and armored vehicles. Vehicles in these industries idle three to six hours per shift. Idle Mitigation Systems (IMS) enable a vehicle to have all the comfort and power support of a vehicle that is idling except the engine off. A vehicle with an IMS only uses the internal combustion engine to move the vehicle and the IMS takes care of the rest resulting in typical fuel savings of $3,000-$6,000 per year per vehicle. Create Your Savings Proposal now.

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Winner of the EDPA "imerge" Corporate Innovator of the Year.


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Utilizing ZeroRPM technology, Altec® Inc. wins The Work Truck Show® 2016 Green Award for Hybrid-Electric Jobsite Energy Management System

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