ZeroRPM is driven by a passion to increase efficiency and reduce vehicle emissions.

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Track vehicle usage and Ilde Mitigation data on a single vehicle or an entire fleet and uncover opportunities to save fuel and extend engine life with ZeroRPM Intellimetrics®. Intellimetrics® software gives users detailed insight into the data collected by their vehicles. A secure portal provides customized reports and graphs of fuel savings, emissions reduction and vehicle use.

Track Vehicle Usage
Gain visibility into Idle Mitigation System usage, idle and above idle usage in both park and drive, and more.
Track Fuel Savings
View how much mitigating engine idle has saved you in terms of the cost of fuel using regional fuel prices for your area.
Track Emissions Savings
View how much greenhouse gas emissions that were not produces by eliminating engine idle.

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Winner of the EDPA "imerge" Corporate Innovator of the Year.


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Utilizing ZeroRPM technology, Altec® Inc. wins The Work Truck Show® 2016 Green Award for Hybrid-Electric Jobsite Energy Management System

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Our systems eliminate unnecessary idling with hands-free control.


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